Why Choose Us?

Here’s why we are different and get results!

Our unique approach towards eliminating your chronic and long term pain is a logical and systemized one.

At your first appointment our specialized practitioners will listen to your pain description and examine the cause of your problem. We will then identify the muscle groups which are either weak or have simply turned OFF and are not working as they are supposed to.
A long term injury usually results in a muscle switching itself  OFF (just like a light switch) as it cannot perform its normal function. This is  because it is sore every time you try and use it.

We will locate your area of pain and educate you on WHY it is occurring and WHY it is not going away after many different treatment modalities.
Then you will be provided with a thorough hands on treatment where we will address the deep underlying cause of your problem. In most cases the pain is originating from another part of the body. Would you believe that your lower back pain might be coming from your neck region? Or your feet?
We will break up any solidified tissue that is restricting your movement. This is usually a little sore, although most clients refer to it as a good pain as they instantly feel the difference.

Now the next point is what separates Soul2Sole’s myotherapy treatment from everyone else….

Each individual muscle has a tendon which attaches itself onto a bone.
Our unique and specialized approach is simple. If a tendon, a muscle or a ligament is not positioned or located in its designated groove, then it will not heal 100%.

That’s what makes the difference between a muscle that just relaxes with a simple remedial/sports massage treatment…and what actually fully  releases  the muscle.
We will re align your tissues and ensure that everything is sitting where it’s supposed to. Only then will you feel permanent pain relief. This highly skilled and unique technique is only available from a few therapists in the country. We believe we have mastered it over the years.
We will then show you and educate you towards self awareness and construct a specialized  strength program just for you.


 Soul2Sole and its team of therapists is constantly being recognised by Melbournian’s for its superior results at treating pain and injury, especially chronic long term pain. Our client base is purely word of mouth.
Peter Rentoulis is the head Myotherapist at the Melbourne Myotherapy clinic. His success and that of his specialised group of hand selected therapists has resulted in a steady flow of work with exceptional results.
People of all lifestyles are spreading the word as they seek a solution to their pain problems after becoming disillusioned with conventional therapies and what so called experts and surgeons have to offer.

HICAPS - Health Industry Claims and Payments Service

Fast claims available on the spot for all major health funds via Hicaps. Please check with your provider that you are covered under Myotherapy or Remedial massage