Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We are opened Monday – Friday from 7.30am-5.30pm. We are not open on weekends.

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When should I see a Melbourne Myotherapist or a Melbourne Remedial Massage Therapist?

Feel free to call us if you have been experiencing any muscular or joint pain for more than a few days. You usually cannot get comfortable at work due to the discomfort. Most of our clients will come to us complaining of pain that wakes them up at night or stops them from lying in a comfortable position. They are usually frustrated because they cannot cope with the pain and cannot perform their normal duties, or participate in their chosen sport.

Symptoms may include a deep ache, sharp pain, tightness or tenderness in an area. Other symptoms can include stiffness, tingling or numbness, weakness or loss of strength, fatigue or a decreased range of movement.  Presenting symptoms may also include a stiff neck, a headache or even a migraine.

What should I expect from my initial consultation at Soul2Sole?

At Soul2Sole Myotherapy Melbourne we believe that the key to treating effectively is determining the underlying causes of your symptom. Therefore your therapist will conduct an assessment which will include the following:

  • A history of your presenting condition, a general medical history and any relevant information regarding occupation, activities or previous injuries. Please bring along any Doctors reports and/or any scans (ultrasound, MRI, X-ray you may have)
  • Your Melbourne Myotherapist will conduct a postural and bio mechanical screening of the relevant areas.
  • Range of motion and muscle testing
  • Your Myotherapist will explain to you what the treatment will involve and see if you have any questions.
  • An effective hands on treatment will follow, utilising techniques such as Remedial massage, muscle manipulation, myofascial release, dry needling, TENS therapy, trigger point therapy, active/ passive stretching, and muscle tendon and ligament mobilisation.

A personalised treatment plan will be developed for you, outlining the treatment, prevention and management of your condition. This may include postural correction, stretches, strengthening exercises  or corrective exercises.

Do I need a GP referral to see a Practitioner ?

No, you are not required to get a referral, although many health professionals and GP doctors will refer you to a Myotherapists for specific muscular treatment.

How many times do I need to attend? Weekly? Fortnightly?

We endeavour to have you back on your feet as soon as possible without risking or putting your body under too much stress. Usually with an acute to chronic condition we require no more than 3-5 sessions. Our aim is to have you feeling better after your first treatment.

Does my health fund cover Remedial Massage or Myotherapy?

Yes. We are covered under the ancillary Remedial Massage? Myotherapy with all health funds. Please check with your health fund as there are many different levels of cover. There are over 120 different health funds and various levels of cover so it is recommended that you check with your health fund first.  Hicaps is available onsite at our clinic for instant rebates with participating health funds. Check the hicaps links to see if your health insurance covers you.


Is Myotherapy covered under Workcover and Comcare?

Yes. Myotherapy treatments are covered under Workcover/Comcare.  A referral from your GP is required prior to commencing treatment. You also require a letter from Workcover or Comcare( Government Employees) stating they have approved the treatment and have allocated you a claim number. All treatments conducted at our clinic are private consultations. Consultations must be paid in full at the completion of the treatment and a receipt will be issued for the you to claim back from your insurance company. 

What training have Soul2Sole  Remedial Therapists and Myotherapist’s undertaken?
All the Myotherapist’s are IRMA (Institute Registered Myotherapists Australia) and/or AAMT (MMA) approved which means they have fulfilled all criteria to reach this national standard. Our Remedial Therapists and  Myotherapists are tertiary trained, insured, fully accredited and professional.

They have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, surface anatomy, bio mechanics,  physiology, pathology, and scientific evaluation, to help you decrease your pain and get you going again!

What is Dry Needling and is it SAFE?

Dry needling is when a practitioner uses an acupuncture needle as part of the treatment. The needle is used as a tool to release any areas that have been restricted of blood supply and may be causing or referring pain to another part of the body. This is performed only by a qualified therapist who is registered with a governing body and only uses single use and pre sterilised needles. Once the needles are used they are immediately disposed of in a medical sharps waste disposal bin. Dry needling is only used with client consent and does  not have to be applied if the client does  not want it to be completed. Dry needling is not applied if the client is pregnant.

Dry Needling or more accurately, Trigger Point Dry Needling, is a treatment which involves inserting an extremely fine, single use sterile needle, (acupuncture needle) into a Muscle where a knot or also known as a Trigger Point is present. It’s usually the spot you automatically push and prod and rub on yourself when you are feeling sore and stiff. This treatment has been found in many research studies to be extremely effective in releasing the pain and tightness and normalising the area quickly and effectively..

Does it hurt? The needle may cause pain although when done by well-trained practitioners that is not a common occurrence. You will feel an initial prick followed by your muscle involuntarily twitching. This means that the needle has been inserted in the correct position and that the tension is being released. Feel free to ask your Myotherapist any questions regarding Dry needling before your session.

What are you Consultation Fees? 

Remedial Massage

60 Minutes: $97

45 Minutes : $87

30 Minutes : $67


60 Minutes $97

45 Minutes $87

30 minutes $67

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