“FREE” Labour TENS Machine Hire Melbourne

Here’s Your “FREE” Labour Tens Hire Offer.

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Offer expires July 9th  2020

The cost of your 1hr PREGNANCY MASSAGE IS $90…. Strictly a limited offer till July 9th 2020 or until sold out. Plus…if you have Private Health insurance under the ancillary “Remedial Massage” you may be eligible on a rebate, depending on your level of cover.

Your offer includes a high quality, Australian made LABOUR tens unit and all the necessary inclusive’s required for your labour. Please spend some time to compare it to other models on the market. You will not be disappointed.

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To help support YOU through your pregnancy, childbirth and post natal recovery, Soul2Sole is proudly hiring the popular Labour TENS machines. Your Labour tens machine hire in Melbourne is only a phone call away. Our qualified staff are here to help you every step of the way and assist with all your questions. We have been assisting the Melbourne community for over 20 years and would be delighted to assist you with your labour needs. 

Click on the link below to see how easy it is to use your Labour tens unit.

We are very proud to stock the most popular Labour Tens machines on the market. Its called ActivNatal. Feel free to check out all the statistics on their website


Labour tens hire melbourne

Labour tens hire melbourne

Why have we chosen this particular brand to recommend to our clients?

The answer is quite simple…Its the best one on the market!

The Activ-Natal brand is Australian made. It’s high quality, and has the strength needed for your labour pain relief when you need it most!

Think of it as the Rolls Royce of Tens units. You only have a baby a few times in your life, so you may as well have the best Labour Tens unit.

The units are known to be the smallest units on the market and have been endorsed by the Therapeutic Goods Association. This means you are hiring a high quality labour tens unit.

You’ll love it!


It is advisable to have your tens unit at around 36-37 weeks, to allow for any early pregnancies . Your total hire period is for 6 weeks.  This gives you enough time to have your baby and not having to rush once your little baby has been born . Please note that your tens unit is to be picked up at the time of your pregnancy massage. 

 SIMPLY CLICK HERE TO book your 1hr pregnancy massage. 


Get your Labour TENS machine NOW and have a natural drug free Labour -plus a relaxing Pregnancy massage to alleviate your aches and niggles.

 ONLY $90 

Offer Expires July 9th 2020   or until units are out of stock.. 

For more info feel free to  email our hire team at: hire@soul2sole.com.au

Commonly Asked Questions

Why use Labour TENS ?

  • Labour Tens is a Drug free option for pain relief
  • Easy to use, unique compact design, light weight 
  • Can be used at home for pre labour pains 37 weeks onward 
  • Can be used with other medical practitioner methods ie: gas, / prescribed drugs
  • 100% portable wherever you are. The unique matchbox sized unit is the weight of a 50 cent piece. 

How does my Labour TENS unit work ?

  • Your Labour TENS Releases natural pain killers (endorphins) these are the feel good chemicals that are released during exercise, or excited states of laughter. 
  • It Blocks out pain messages going from the lower back and pelvic region up to the brain.
  • Provides drug free labour

What does Labour TENS feel like ?

  • TENS is usually described by our clients as a  pleasant tingling sensation. You can adjust the settings and intensity to your comfort level with a simple press of a button. 

When should I  apply the TENS machine to my lower back? 

  • We recommend you apply your electrode pads to your lower back region at the first signs of (first stage of labour) studies have shown that the earlier it is placed the better long term effects.
  • Its never too late to use your device if you forget to apply it at the early stages of labour pain.
  • Definitely do not use it in the shower or in a bath if you are having a water birth. It basically should not have contact with water. Please seek advice from your doctor if you have any health complications.

How much does it cost for TENS machine hire ? 

Normally $90.00… this months promo offer is FREE HIRE FOR 6 weeks with every 1hr pregnancy massage. Offer expires July 9th 2020  .

– How long is the hire period for?

Your labour TENS is hired for a period of 6 weeks, starting on the day you pick up your unit at the time of your pregnancy massage. It is recommended to have your Labour tens unit by 36-37 weeks.. 

This will  provide you sufficient time and flexibility in case you go into early labour or if you are overdue. It’s always good to know you will not be rushed to return the unit. WE ALSO ALLOW UP TO 2 FREE DAYS EXTRA…(weekends included) TO ALLOW YOU TIME TO RETURN THE UNIT on time.

WE understand that having a baby means you might be forgetting a few things on the TO DO list…. 🙂

Have a drug Free Labour .


As we have limited units ** Your TENS UNIT IS TO BE COLLECTED at the time of your pregnancy massage session.. Limited numbers avail.

Optional $12 per additional week(s).. Additional fees will be charged to your account should you misplace the unit / it is Broken/ or not all components are returned by their due date. A late fee of $12 per week will apply for late returns.

*please note that your credit card details and identification are required as security as per our hire terms and conditions.

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or feel free to email any questions you may have to hire@soul2sole.com.au

We look forward to assisting you soon.


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